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Beach Villa Induruwa

You could enjoy the gracious hospitality in an exclusive PRIVATE beach front luxury beach villa with 3 family air conditioned rooms with hot and cold water bathtubs and a swimming pool. All rooms are over looking magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. The villa is designed especially for a family group or a group of travelers who love bare foot beach surrounded by comfort. The swimming pool for guests to relax or in brilliant waters of Indian Ocean perched with unspoiled golden sand. You could dine under the stars on beach enjoying over delicious western and eastern cuisine with Personalize service beyond expectation for every guest..

  • Complete villa US $ 180 per night
  • Double room B/B US $ 95 per night
  • Double room H/B US $ 110 per night
  • Double room F/B US $ 125 per night
  • (*Children under 5 years free of charge)

Cancellations done after confirmation 10% will deducted on the payment done.

Blue Whale Colonies in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - One of the greatest Blue Whale Colonies ever discovered. Almost all Blue Whales travel vast distances in search of Food. But in Sri Lanka, Blue Whales are different and they are not migrating from here to any where..

We can arrange Whale Watching tours to our guest at a nominal fee..